A Corporate Services Provider Serving Oklahoma City

Providing Seamless, Beginning-to-End Corporate Services Solutions to Clients of all Shapes and Sizes

No company is exactly like yours.  That's why we form corporate service teams who will work closely with you to understand your overall objectives.  Our professionals bring local expertise and an in-depth understanding of the markets, creating an environment that is conducive to making quick and efficient business decisions.

Account Management

  • Our experienced teams provide services for a variety of clients, coordinating all services from transactions to facility management.  
  • Once the transition is complete, our team remains engaged to provide ongoing governance for the account throughout the lifetime of the partnership.

Transition Management

  • At Newmark Robinson Park, we have designed a smooth, seamless transition process for any company's real estate portfolio, regardless of size or complexity.

Transaction Management

  • Newmark has extensive expertise in meeting any kind of transaction requirement. We offer a process that is scalable, repeatable and measurable for each client.

Financial Integration Services

  • Bringing together multiple skill sets, our financial team works seamlessly to help our clients make informed decisions about how to structure and hold their assets and leases.